Monday, February 3, 2014

Thailand meaningless elections

Thailand only achievement in this imbroglio is that it wasn't worse than what we are seeing. To me this is an unfolding story of decline for them. Feuding parties are not afraid or ashamed to take the country down to get what they want. Things must get much worse before it can get better.

The trouble with most democracies is that they are tyrannies of the majority. There are no perfect solutions but some societies could benefit from systems where the majority must through compromise carry the minority with them. In Thailand now, the loser is capable of preventing the winner from winning. In effect they could go into round after round of fighting each other taking the whole country down a spiral. Finally when they are all equally weak, poor and miserable there would not longer be any class divide among them. Before getting to that dismal end point, the uber rich would have decamped. They can join Thaksin in exile albeit voluntary. The whole thing is so self defeating.

The least bad way for Thailand are new leaders who are willing to compromise and is able to carry the people on that strategy but I am afraid this is not in their social DNA.

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