Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reminder: Universities only want the best applicants

Spotted this in my daily morning commute today. I said to myself, every university works harder than NUS at attracting the best students, and nobody wants those with less good results. These are not bad results, just not good enough for our Unis. Quite a few will go overseas and do the name of Singapore proud with their First Class Honours or Summa Cum Laude. I have very mixed feelings about this. How many will we lose and I know many of the scholarships to foreigners we give out will not bring good returns to us. Those scholars in my daughters' class never integrate with the locals. Many of them will extract all we are prepared to give them and then adios. We have gone overboard with LKY's scholarship policy. This policy looks like running on autopilot and nobody is accounting for the benefits to us.

Later in the day, my daughter told me that the A levels results would be released next Monday. She and her friends are nervous and worried. I told her this is the first time she didn't worry because this is also the only time she had put in more than her best in the exams. Any result would be good results.

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