Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Singapore is not homophobic

I just downloaded this and had a quick read. Lawrence Khong and company claim that they are not homophobic. I take it to mean that they will not be violent crusaders of the past. However they will work to prevent the social enlargement of LGBT.

On the other hand LGBT people wants to live with all the rights like the rest of us including the right to marry and adopt kids of their own. I suppose if it were possible for science to show how two same sex gametes could produce a baby, they will want that. That is science fiction at the furthest end for now.

To me the issue is very simple. This government do not want to be the arbiter of morality. At the end of the day society decides, i.e., the majority rules even if they are mostly quiescent. Nevertheless if the LGBTs push too hard the backlash would be unambiguous and severe. They must be aware and be careful of the tipping point of reaction.

Overall Love Singapore in responding early is doing the majority a favor by bringing forward the public debate.

Each side should continue to debate and press their case in a mature and peaceful way. Que Sera Sera.

Update: Feb 18 9:50 am

In other words no need for anyone to get so worked up. MOH was viewing this strictly from the public health perspective. Now if they don't own this issue this way, who would and we would definitely not have an imaginary but real problem down the road. Thumbs up to Gan Kim Yong's clear headedness.

Lawrence Khong and friends vs the LGBT community, both sides carry plenty of baggage, see red in words when there isn't.

Update: Feb 20 9:10 am

Because in matters of race and religion and often times economics too, words often carry additional meaning beyond their dictionary definitions. Baggage carriers just like you might say for a person with a chip on his shoulder is completely oblivious of the baggage or chip. It takes a determined open mind to be shocked by another completely different point of view to become aware there is more than meets the eye. For the government that is what it means when we accuse them to be out of touch with the people. I am more specific about this - poor communication by the government because they are clueless about the people baggage.

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