Friday, February 14, 2014

Indonesian military bestial culture

Found the above at the Unseen Singapore blog. The TNI is one huge beast. They are possessed by demons. That is their culture and character. I was too young to understand the Confrontation but by 1998 I was more than old enough to receive a lesson what the TNI true character is. At that time the Internet was not pervasive but friends in the media showed me pictures of how Chinese Indonesian women were raped and brutally murdered in the May 1998 riots. To this day I cannot erase them from my memory. Then I imagined if we were at war with them, that is the least worst they would do to our women. I thought we might need a WMD for leverage but it was totally politically incorrect.

Winston Choo is too sentimental. I supposed he is too personally invested since he had painstakingly built relations with them over decades.

I always remember how the late Lim Kim San hated the Japanese. This man is a master at reading the human character. You need to bring the same insight to know what many Indonesian leaders are like. Just take a look at one of them: Probowo Subianto the former commander of their special forces. He is a less subtle and clever guy and so his character is easier to read. Statesman like figures like Suharto are rare and narrow minded, fragile ego types like Habibie are legion. SBY is a good guy but his hands are tied in the new Indonesia and he has to leave office soon.

Enough Indonesian leaders will not treat Singapore as an equal partner. We have got to figure out how to live with this fact of life. The pretending is over and that is the mistake Winston Choo and our leaders must quickly recognize. Ordinary people who had lived the Japanese occupation understand the bestial side of human nature well but they are all disappearing into history.

And I haven't mention TNI conduct in East Timor. They are a pack of beasts.

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