Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Desmond Kuek might get the sack

Which CEO can survive if his company faced a fine from the regulator of 5% of revenue? But the government is going to if necessary hit them with up to 10% of annual fare revenue. Even the board could lose its job. Today we discover the limits of government patience and they had been more long suffering than us. Today the government makes public what is incompetence in running the trains. Desmond Kuek will need plenty of luck to keep his job. The SMRT board is also vulnerable.

Three weeks I said this CEO doesn't get it and now the message to him could not be clearer. Let's be realistic, he better pray no major service breakdown near elections time.

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  1. Shed no tears. He will just become a highly paid director somewhere. There is really no shame anywhere anyomore.