Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Foreigners: Switzerland like Singapore

According to this Bloomberg article, even the Swiss aren't spared the same pressure and strain we are having with too many foreigners squeezed into this place.

Every erstwhile successful economy faces the same stress. The game has become who is least bad and most resilient. Everywhere locals perception of foreigners is increasingly they are a net negative. This is not strictly true, but the positives are accrued to the minority who are plugged into the business opportunities and increased government revenue. There is no intelligent or equitable way to redistribute the gains government received either. Most important much of what is lost, especially the character of the place and society cannot be purchased with money. So many foreigners poured in so quickly, they do not assimilate. My daughter's class has so many scholars who keep to themselves. If there were fewer of them they would have no choice but assimilate. Singapore is a stopover and not a destination for practically all of them, and I thought we wanted to cream off some of the best to put down roots here? It's not working.

Update: Feb 10 8:25 pm

The Swiss has decided.

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