Monday, February 3, 2014

CNY Lunch

Lunch at my sister's place yesterday. I think we have not been there for at least four or five years. Last year lunch was at my brother's place.

We are an even more practical and pragmatic family than the government. Completely un-superstitious or religious. We do not toss this high up and make a mess with more cleaning to do later. It is also wasting food.

I think our down to earth bent is most obvious in how we do our funerals. I wished I was mature and confident enough not to need an officiating minister for my wedding. My brother did his wedding better a few years later. He didn't even bother to invite the relatives. What is the point of having people on the occasion which he might not even meet them again for the rest of his life?

We are a substance people and give short shrift to form. We are not kind to any BS especially from experts and leaders.

His old Galaxy S2 looks horrible with a damaged display but still works.

And my house is a bigger version of my brother's S2. It has become so unpresentable now, I cannot invite people home except those we know well. On the other hand it is the most comfortable place, so cozy and functional the kids mostly prefer to stay home. When you try to look good you have to trade off use. It is better to forget about looking good.

At least my sis has matching tableware, we don't even bother at our place. Mostly we are still using the rejects from my late mom.

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  1. We should always live in contentment. Many want to get in line with the Joneses when they hardly afford to do so. I feel sad for a couple of friends who now "upgrade" to a condo feel the need to dress up or else the neighbours will talk. And one even is unwilling to turn up at outside functions in case he meets his neighbours or someone who knows his neighbours find out he is still looking for a job. Imagine going through life - especially in the late 40s into the twilight years with such misery. Have "arrived" or have left??