Thursday, February 20, 2014

Citibank Account Frustrations

Finally that USD account is zero and I still waiting for the sum to show up in the new account in SG. Waste my time and money arranging for the forms to be FedEx to Guam and have my relationship manager sat on it for 12 days :-( I almost wanted to scold her but what is the point? She is losing her job as they cease deposit operations.

I told IPB Singapore I am not going to open my account with them. Citibank is always like the former Oprah - grow very big and then shrink to small. They are now in the downsizing mode. I better get to a place where it is core to them and they don't go around trimming and chasing me out to another place. I hate dealing with banks and telcos. They often behave like they are the government and also the customer. Then who are we?

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