Thursday, February 13, 2014

AHPETC accounts troubles

Sian! It would be easiest if WP had failed and should be brought to task over this. But how would we know? Many of us are suspecting that this is yet another attempt by the government and the PAP to fix the opposition. Folks like me and there must be many of us have no time to follow blow by blow what's happening. I will leave this alone but by the next GE, the dust would have settled and become less fuzzy or controversial and then I can study and make up my mind.

If I were WP, I would conserve resources and try to do as little as possible because this is a silly David vs Goliath game. Either you have pebbles to slingshot Goliath or else you just always keep out of harms way. And if I am representative of most voters tired of all these politicking, then the WP is safe because we have lost interest. But if the WP had done wrong, they deserve to face the music.

Better worry about the next haze and spend more time and energy on the existential threat Indonesia could become someday. The PAP should not try to fix any opposition when the forever hard truth for Singapore is that she is so vulnerable. This is an absolutely stupid action as you will discover an ineffective opposition in parliament just create a far larger and dangerous one outside aided and organized by modern technologies.


  1. Doen't anyone realise that people respond more with the heart than with the mind. Intellectual Goliath hits at David will only see the former topples over fast and furious. At a time when there is need to restore a sense of nation belonging especially among the citizens, I am not sure the masses understand the intricacies of the realm of plain or creative accounting

  2. I trust WP capability. Sometime, not meeting deadline or going slow in books are sign that they want to do things above the board. Unlike PAP who always appear hasty (read: PWP) in doing things without going through minds and consultation. It is certainly another petty politics at play again. If PAP are doing nasty things and treating opposition party with such high-handed bullying, you can imagine why Singaporeans are sufferings too. PAP have been treating Singaporeans the way they treated WP. Goliath must die in order for peace to return to this country. Otherwise, PAP will also be seen to divide and conquer the voters.

    WP, I am on your side.

  3. When I crossed 60 not too long ago and got my SENIOR CITIZEN card I felt so proud that my nation recognised me for being a faithful citizen building this nation. Then some smart scholars create a new class called PIONEER. And because I am not into the man-made category of what a pioneer is, I am now downgraded to a lower class of recognition. Especially in comparison with lucky people who become citizens and have not seen the hard times of the late 60s and the 70s. Is that how we get treated in a country that preached so much about nation building? Seemingly great minds but no hearts!

  4. Ooops ... PAP fixed the opposition again !!!

    We refer to the media statement by the Ministry of National Development (MND) released on the evening of 13 February 2014. Therein, MND highlighted various concerns regarding the auditor’s report on the financial statements of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) for Financial Year 2012. As MND’s observations as stated are incomplete and will mislead the public, it is therefore necessary to put the MND’s statement in proper perspective.

    The auditors have given us a qualified report. It is not an adverse report. They have also stated clearly that apart from their specific observations, our books, accounts and records have been kept in accordance with the Town Councils Act. The full audited report can be found at

    In its media statement, MND highlighted the auditors’ inability to verify certain figures. We do understand the auditors’ plight, as there were information gaps that existed at the handover after the General Election 2011 which to date are still not filled. At FY 2011, the auditors had tried to request information from former auditors, unsuccessfully. Repeated attempts by the Town Council (TC) to obtain information from the former Managing Agent (MA) and government authorities, such as asking MND / the Housing and Development Board regarding $1.12 million which the PAP-run Aljunied TC had recorded as receivables from the Citizens Consultative Committees (CCCs) for Town Improvement Projects, did not yield answers. Attempts in FY 2012 to get the information were also unsuccessful. Unless those agencies with the required information furnish them to the TC, it is likely that information gaps will remain and the accounts will continue to be qualified every year. In this regard, we note that MND could well be the best party to assist the TC to resolve some of the key information gaps.