Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrating PSLE

In the past it was the top scorers, the victors of a meritocratic race without regard to the outcome of the ovarian lottery that filled our papers the day after the PSLE results are released. Like many I welcome the change in emphasis.

We have not gone to the point of acknowledging good luck in our achievers. When we do, the high achievers will not have a reason to be arrogant or possess a sense of entitlement. It is appropriate and wise at this juncture to press the point continuously that winners are nurtured by their villages or communities. Nobody makes it purely on their own merit. Increasingly so many just happened to pop out from the right birth canal.

Meanwhile with a year's experience behind them, our newspapers haven't yet figure out how best to report this event well to readers.

Update: 7:50pm

Another good PSLE story from Today. What about ST?

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