Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Oddest Opposition Party

The WP must be the oddest opposition party in the world. They are the product of many years of the total and withering pressure from the government against any political challengers to the PAP. There is no way to survive and thrive except to align with the people like no political party anywhere in the world. It is in no hurry or professing any ambition to form the government in the foreseeable future. Where do you find such? Why are these men and women in politics?

They have left the PAP in a conundrum on how to counter them. I think the best and most effective way for the PAP is to be more than the WP. Is that possible?

Update May 1, 7:30am

I didn't have time to add this yesterday.

The PAP brought with them the strategy of might using the Law and Power. The WP finally figured that the only other thing more powerful is the strategy of Shrewd. The PAP has successfully educated the population against accepting freebies otherwise the strategy of Shrewd would never work and there is no moral high ground to anchor such an approach. This is unique in the world. The contest between these two parties is unlike any. The liberal western press is reading and reporting it all wrong. This is the gold standard but it is also surreal because it isn't like normal human nature. It can only happen in man made Singapore. What is real is creating function out of dysfunction which is what we are seeing everywhere.

This has been a political Black Swan for the PAP but it is good for Singapore and kudos to Tharman for recognizing this quickly.


  1. Hi Peng You, suggest that you don't take Mediacorp's reporting at face value. The reporting gist is "WP praise PAP". I've attached the May Day message below. You get a more accurate take on it. WP is just doing what it said it would do - ie. be a responsible opposition, not oppose for the sake of oppose.

    Every year, Labour Day serves to remind us that the economic progress we have achieved as a nation would not have been possible without our workers’ immense contributions and sacrifices. Today, we pay a special tribute to our Singaporean workers, who are well-regarded around the world for their hard work, responsibility, knowledge and skills.

    For over five decades, the Workers’ Party has given our workers a voice with which they can be empowered, protected and heard. We have pointed out that job creation and economic growth must benefit Singaporeans first. We have said that the creation of more value-added jobs which will pay our workers better should be a key outcome of a successful productivity and training effort. In Parliament, our MPs have pressed the Government to ensure that companies pay their workers fairly and adequately, prevent discrimination against Singaporeans in hiring and promotion decisions, promote better work-life balance, and better track the outcomes of training programmes to ensure that they benefit workers. We have also called on the Government to provide better employment and training opportunities for older workers, retirees and homemakers. We have emphasised the need for stronger social safety nets and to reduce the widening income inequality in Singapore.

    The Workers’ Party has noted that in Budget 2013, the Government has responded more positively to our calls and the needs of Singaporean workers. It has put forward more measures to improve the standing of Singaporeans in the job market and to raise the incomes of lower-wage workers through further wage subsidies, industry upgrading and training programmes for workers. More must still be done to ease the burden of the rising cost of living and to increase the wages of our workers.

    We urge businesses and employers to make full use of new measures announced in this year’s Budget to improve the efficiency of their business processes and upgrade the skills of their workers. This will enable them to move up the economic value chain, boost productivity and pay their workers more. We acknowledge the challenges small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face as our economy undergoes restructuring. We urge the Government, especially the Ministry of Manpower and economic agencies, to assist SMEs and workers through this difficult transition period.

    The Workers’ Party will continue to speak up for Singaporeans and hold the Government accountable to the people in a rational, responsible and respectable manner. We are confident that the perseverance of Singaporean workers, together with the strong cooperation of the business community, will help our country to move towards a more equal and just society, and a more developed economy.

    The Workers’ Party wishes all workers in Singapore a Happy Labour Day.

  2. Suppose WP had proclaimed that they are ready to form a govt at this juncture, it might cause some support swing away from them being a pragmatic citizen we are. I personally think its wiser then for them to state that they are not ready. Its a very honest statement that's to their advantage, defeatist as it may sound.


  3. Dear JG
    Your comment;
    "... be a responsible opposition, not oppose for the sake of oppose."

    This reminds me of successful brainwashing slogans from yester-years:
    Be constructive in your criticism.
    Don't oppose for the sake of opposing.

    What's missing in all these slogans?
    The truth.
    Truthful criticism need not be constructive.

    Similarly, we should oppose evil because it is the right thing to do.
    No need any further justification.

  4. Let me analyse your post.

    The point in question (the only one) was don't oppose for the sake of opposing.

    You then introduce another one, 'be constructive in criticism' and proceeded to lump both together.

    THEN, you took issue with the point you brought up, and disparage the original point. Not exactly the epitome of honesty, is it?