Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Remember this name for 2016: Nizam

Then it was a name I could not remember except as the guy from AMP who spoke at Hong Lim. Kudos to him now I will remember his name for a while in the same breath with Yaw Shin Leong and Michael Palmer.

Remember Nizam Ismail. If he harbors any ambition to stand for elections as MP, I think this has put that ambition to rest.

What I don't like about this episode is the finger prints of the government are all over the place. I think we deserve to know all these about him if he wants to be a civic or political leader, but I wished the salacious secrets would be aired by some other quarters.

Now which opposition party would field him for 2016?

Note to self: Remember this name for 2016

Thank you Breakfast Network because I don't read BH.


  1. Dirty politics, PAP style. Me thinks it will again backfire. No such unleashing of the pack of media dogs on Palmer after the affair was known. Instead, the pack of dogs went after the poor girl who dared to flirt with big-time PAP MP. This reminds me again about what I really hate about the PAP. I will remember this for sure, come 2016. Anyone out there still waiting for PAP to change????

  2. The truth is the truth.
    It does not matter whether the speaker of the truth is a saint or sinner.
    2+2 = 4.
    That is the truth.

    Why should I discount the truth of 2+2=4 just because Nizam says 2+2=4?

    Please use your brains.
    It does not matter who says what.
    Just focus on the truth.
    Is what the speaker saying truthful?