Monday, April 22, 2013

Big revamp for RCs

Finally they are doing something serious about the RCs after 36 years. They have been so complacent and almost completely irrelevant after sticking to business as usual for so long. Naturally they have not succeeded in capturing the young. In fact they have to leap ahead a couple of generations to stay relevant. Meanwhile look at how the Buddhist and Christian organizations have adapted to changing times.

RCs should be meaningful to the community than serve a political purpose for the PAP. If they don't and fail to revamp them correctly, their role will be usurped by various comers e.g., religious groups.

Better late than never but will they make it fashionably late? I think their biggest problem is how to get rid of old furniture. To avoid an embarrassing failure we might end up with new outside but a familiar and irrelevant inside. Time will tell. Again, this is one of those issues I wish to be completely off the mark because I will lose for getting this right.

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