Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why I don't believe in City Harvest Church

I am tired blogging about CHC and its pastors. Surprising myself, new energy welled up inside me when I saw this on AsiaOne this morning.

We all discover God differently and I respect that, including some are agnostic and yet others are atheists. In my personal journey, God wins by losing. This is the pattern I noticed in the Bible, recorded history and life. I was taught this is because God is jealous of his own glory but he also make enough exceptions including self humiliation in order to show that the he might laughs last and laughs best. The controversy Project Crossover has attracted in my view humiliated him. More than a few non believers are laughing at Christians. Some have made this clear as anonymous comments in this blog. Nevertheless against my instincts I try to keep an open mind but in order to preserve my stability; I am not a fan of City Harvest Church. I can't grasp that God is allowing this humiliation for his own greater glory.

Stephanie Sun was the unlikely success story, a Cinderella Story. Sun Ho is power, money and strategy: the methods of sophisticated big business.

The record is God almost always choose a person or a small group of people that were unlikely to win and turn them into winners that cannot be explained away except by attributing to luck or him. Stephanie Sun had that. It also did not matter if you believe in him.

Even before I got to know him, as a kid reading the heart warming stories from the Children's Bible my aunt bought me, the methods God used were obvious. Losing or coming in with impossible odds to win. There are too many stories to list here but Hebrews Chapter 11 has a few examples. The methods of City Harvest Church are not like the accumulated examples across thousands of years of how I read and now see how mysteriously God works.

One thing man will never possess is the knowledge of the future especially with respect to our affairs. That is the place if you believe in God, he shows his hand. If you think he never existed you might call it luck but after a while a nagging feeling that this luck isn't random will settle in your gut. If you haven't got that you are either too young or cowardly from taking too few risks in life. Fine, Niels Bohr repeatedly told Einstein don't tell God what to do. Einstein was adamant that God does not plays dice. Thus far Bohr has won but the Standard Model they created everyone agrees is ugly.

Perhaps like Peter had seen a vision of a sheet descending from the sky with all sorts of animals Jews weren't suppose to eat, that is how I must view Sun Ho's China Wine etc., as it signifies a turning point in our beliefs on what is acceptable.  That day the Jesus Way crossed over to the non-Jews. I strain to see how what the Apostle Peter experienced is applicable to Project Crossover. City Harvest Church pastors as far as I know have never explained this well. I am looking for like what the early believers had gotten: a mystery revealed. 

Time will tell if the Courts destroy the credibility of these pastors. The Jewish court tried and failed with the followers Jesus left behind.



    It is not simple... Govt politics are involved. May God protects his herd. PP is also another case. Compare bail to bail, successful too fast, borrow the knife kill the cat. Some one used CAD to stop God's work in His Track.

  2. Bless you, Peng You.

    May God continue to grant you strength.



  3. Dear friend,I took a very long time to finally find him,but it is really worth it.Blessings