Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waiting for Kong Hee to call

I am glad CHC isn't Singapore. Pretty high handed. Even the President of this nation lived with the parody, but not Kong Hee. It is not in our interest for your church to get bigger if you and gang are still its leaders.

DiarySG is the first to go. More of us blogging unfavorably about him can expect to hear from him? I hope higher powers put him away before that happens.

Myself, I don't ever remember been to DiarySG channel. Well, too late for regrets now.


  1. Why is there a need to shut down the ENTIRE channel site with over 800 videos just because of 1 or few clips has infringed on Kong Hee/CHC's rights? Diary SG should appeal to Google. This is far too high handed. Youtube is infringing on your right to broadcast. I say take it to vimeo or somewhere else!

  2. Pastor Kong Hee must have lernt his tricks very well,look at the professional way he handles this personal crisis.But then again for Christians,judgement belongs exclusively to Jesus.