Thursday, July 5, 2012

SMRT lesson for the Government and Kong Hee..

A very public lesson for SMRT and LTA but more important a vital private lesson for the Government: People must be at the centre of your policies. People not as a concept but real sentient breathing beings with names, families, their hopes and fears from which you have seized so much freedom and control of their lives.

An inopportune moment for City Harvest Church senior pastors too. Just bear in mind that Saw Phaik Hwa and others went before the COI defending themselves to have done a good job. It was not so when the evidence was collected, analysed and reported.

The findings of the COI produced no surprises. The man in the street know all along it has to be inadequate maintenance.

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  1. Ms Saw was a misfit right from the start when she was appointed to manage one of the most important engineering/technical positions in Singapore,it was further aggrevated when she appointed DFS cronies to run the various engineering positions,the die was casted.
    It is suprising that the high flyers running Singapore have refused to acceot this fact,even till today.In my humble opinion,Some thing is wrong with our present system.