Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Singapore Restricts Foreigners

Was this presented to Parliament? I had missed it and only caught it on the WSJ.

Nothing to worry about if we think this will affect our attractiveness to outside talent. Everywhere nations are making it harder for foreigners to get in. This still work to the advantage of our price taking economy. It would be a huge negative for us were everyone openly welcoming outsiders.

In all it is a blessing in disguise. If the world economy were still steaming along, the unwanted collateral impact from break neck growth and foreigners coming in would be worse than a slow down we are heading into.

There are no good or bad change unless it threatens our survival. As long as we can take every turning point to our advantage we will grow from strength to strength. The turning point others are suffering and we are enduring is giving us the opportunity to adjust and retool for tomorrow.

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  1. We have reached a critical stage when only workers and real talents are required,sadly our government has not realised the timing instead wanting to put in more of the same kind.