Friday, July 13, 2012

Replacing Mouse again (Logitech M325)

I have given up on Microsoft Mouses. They don't last - all three of them including one which Microsoft replace.

My last one was the pricey Arc Touch Mouse. The left and more important button is failing. I gave up and bought a simple Logitech M325 tonight for $36. This mouse is small enough for my pinkie to fold into its natural position when I use it. This minimizes the risk of RSI. Unfortunately there is a problem with the unifying receivers - they don't work and now I have two receivers plugged in for keyboard and mouse :-( Will look at it again when I have more time.

Logitech support site is also horrid. There is no unifying software to download as the docs suggest. Even the M325 is not listed in their support pages. The mouse can only be found in their product pages. An ominous start!

OK, may be I will call tech support on Monday?

Technical Help
800 6011 372 (Toll-Free for Singapore ONLY)
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm


The one for one exchange from Microsoft. Look at the scroll bar.

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  1. You are making me worried about my recently acquired iPad keyboard from Logitech. I had the impression they are a big and well run company with excellent service. Maybe I forgot to check.

    Anyway yesterday I found a bunch of wired mouses (mice) being sold for $8 a piece at either Harvey Norman or Best. Maybe we just buy them all up and damn those service hotlines.