Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reminder on Reform Party Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

ST yesterday.

This is to remind me about Kenneth Jeyaretnam: not to vote for Reform Party at the next GE.

I don't record this, I forget the details and only remember my conclusion with very vague memory for their reasons.

Wasting our time raising the issue of the government loan to the IMF. Sadly only those involved in financial macro economics are regularly on top of this.

KJ should know better that his nonsense would be investigated, revealed and shared, I hope widely. Cheap publicity and trying to leverage his incredible credibility as a former fund manager. Sigh! I doubt his intellectual honesty. If he gets into parliament he would indulge in senseless debate and waste our time.


  1. I disagree with you that this is a cheap stunt. KJ has a valid point - the govt acted unconstitutionally. Look at MAS' explanation - it has to strain to explain. Essentially the govt's explanation is this - we can do what we want because we're in power. What KJ has raised may be a small issue (ie. not bread and butter) but when the govt acts so blatantly, I applaud him for taking this up. The next time the govt attempts to bulldoze something like this through, hopefully they'll think again.

  2. KJ has a weak point in the sense that he is different from the other "Cambrige trained double first" leader,he speakes only to 10%,the other leader always speak to 60+%.