Monday, July 30, 2012

Raising the status of Pastor Khong Hee

Looks like they have inadvertently raise the status of their pastor Khong Hee to quite close to Jesus Christ. What would they do next? How can a law court judge preside over someone so great and amazing? At this rate he will eventually become that special brother of Jesus Christ like in the Taiping Rebellion.

Whatever happened to living the life such that people see Jesus Christ in you rather than being the great you? These youngsters have done their pastor a grave disservice, but how did they learn to become like this?

 My friend from Philadelphia just sent me this for my daughters :-) I am just being opportunistic and convenient to put this YouTube clip against the one for exalting Khong Hee. These young City Harvesters saw Khong Hee instead of Christ but I bet when questioned would push Christ to the fore. How convenient. We outside their church aren't deceived.


  1. If only the same group of youths will come together and produce a similar video for the country, Singapore (sans political parties)...then our country will have hope.

    Mostly, I still like to think that they are praising their lord and the church.
    Not sure why the pastor has to be in the video.
    Well, stranger things have happened. If a kangaroo court can acquit a twice-charged murderder Ram Tiwary who walked free after 8 years, what can't happen? I guess is what the believers would call -- a miracle.

    1. I think that anyone who actually reads the judges' judgement they released for the reasons for Ram Tiwary's acquittal will find that the fact that he was charged in the first place as the miracle.
      I just finished his book, 99 Months, and the shocking silence from both the Aussie police and the Singapore media (who Tiwary shows blatantly lied about the facts of the case) shows that many of us were fooled into believing things that simply weren't true.
      If you can, read it - it is a true testament to how police corruption and dishonest prosecutions ruin people's lives.

  2. Jesus has advised that it is incumbent upon us to lay aside any desires to condemn and punish sinners, and to ensure that any attempt at reprisals against sinners is contained. Everyone who has ever inhabited the earth plane has at some point behaved atrociously – no one is without stain of sin.

  3. Pastor Kong Hee not Pastor Khong Hee. If it is blogging for yourself to read i think thats fine.