Friday, July 6, 2012

The Poor were Hijacked

I have been waiting for this to pop up and it so happened to come from the MOS Tan Chuan Jin. It is impractical to reproduce many posts the MOS made on this discussion thread and I picked the most relevant one.

A couple of times I emailed my friends asking them if they had noticed that those who stood up to fight to better the conditions of the poor never claimed to have checked with them? On radio I have heard Halimah Yacob talked like she knew these folks and I was surprised at some of the things she said. But radio doesn't give you much air time and Tan Chuan Jin has provided more details.

In the end the silent poor had been used as tools of convenience to attack the government. Quite under handed but this is to be expected in the hurly burly world of thrusts and parry. It is no longer neat. Ladies and gentlemen are uncommon. We need to grow in knowledge and sophistication so that enough of us will stand up and say such irresponsible creativity with facts are not acceptable. Unfortunately this is too utopian when I consider the American scene.

You want democracy, I also want democracy but don't ever believe the Opposition especially the Reform Party that democracy cures all ills. Churchill had warned us that it is the worst form of government except all others. Too often it had turned out to be worse than the alternatives even.

Don't think the men in white do not need to visit the laundry at all. They need to do it more often. I still recall with disgust the irresponsible way Ng Eng Hen had used MOE data to suggest that social mobility is well and alive. Unfortunately for him, I didn't have to wait long for his boss the PM to contradict him in Parliament.


  1. There is little doubt that they are of very high I.Q,if they just speak the truth,and nothing but the truth,they will get all the respect that they want,trouble is that they still think they are dealing with farmers from China,India and Indonesia,time for a realistic check and wake up,the time is short.

  2. "I have heard Halimah Yacob talked like she knew these folks and I was surprised at some of the things she said."
    M.P Halimah Yacob supposed to come from a very humble background,and I only attribute her current state of HEART to the fact that as a Minister of State,she draws million annually.