Sunday, July 22, 2012

PM's warning on fault lines in our society

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  • Desmond Soo read your history and it will show you that there will be a spilt! No need to say who will be the first to leave when things are not going well. Just look at those PRs who left and don't want their sons to do NS.

    Singaporean are a naive bunch who don't understand that some other countries do allow dual citizenship or reapplication is not difficult.

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  • Remus Cheng Singapore enables them to upgrade from third world to (supposedly) first. Unfortunately you can take people out of the third world, but you can't really take much of the third world out of them. We are sinking with too many of such people on board.
    59 minutes ago ·  · 5

  • Andrew Ang 
    Native Singaporean don't have problem with all races till now and even in crisis. New Singaporean if they stick to our rules and culture then I see no reason why we can't accept them. But what we can't really totally accept is Singapore let in too much new Singaporean making the country no breathing space. Just because the birth rate is low doesn't mean the implement plan can walk over us. My six sense is telling me the new n native citizen problem is waiting to erupt just a matter of time if the population keep coming in.

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  • Terence Wong When Times are bad.. FT pack their backs and left with all the funds. Singaporean have no choice but to stay and suffer.
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And comments from an equivalent article from CNA

  • Joseph Tan There had never really been a racial harmony issue for years..... Until somebody who think they are really smart and opened the flood gate. Yet solve the problem now when you create the imbalance in the first place?
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  • Jonny Lee The thing is you want new citizens to integrate with citizens or you expect citizens to integrate with the new citizens. Surely it should be the former rather than latter. This constant harping on this citizen integration obfuscate the problem that there are more non citizens than citizens on Singapore. This includes PRs and work permit holders.

    This is more of a ominous trend than this integration business.

    15 hours ago ·  · 7

People are still angry. At least if they are not getting angrier there is a chance that the anger will simmer down over time. Sure the government created the problem and wanted us to solve it for them. The problem is that they cannot solve this alone but I think they are not very good at helping us help them either. However it looks like they are beginning to realize this. They really need to do better and quickly too because we are actually sitting on dry gunpowder.

It makes no sense for newly arrived Singaporeans to become exactly like us. We should influence each other but the end result is that they must be more like us than we like where they come from or we wold be lost, confused and irrelevant.

These newly arrived Singaporeans are more likely to succeed better than native born Singaporeans. It is only reasonable because they recognize that this is a place they can do well before they uproot and come here. Many of the their compatriots prefer to remain at home, some leave for other countries. The newly arrived are a self selected bunch for success, meanwhile local born Singaporeans if they choose to stay must make the best of what is available.

Fortunately for us, many countries are making it harder for outsiders to get in. This opens a fortuitous window for us to pacify the locals while at the same time restrict the inflow of foreigners. Indeed if we had not been so immigrant friendly, we would be worse off today. Yes, we shouldn't have open the flood gates so widely but that in the end is a judgement call.

It would really help to calm tempers if the government were more contrite. Their job would be very much easier.

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  1. A Multi-cultural and Multi-religious Society is the treasure of Singapore citizens,for example,
    Chinese love for Indian and Malay foods.Many foreigners are more self-discipline and hard working.It is important for leaders to point these out and show the direction.
    the government should be more contrite,immediate task is to pacify the locals while at the same time restrict the inflow of foreigners.