Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics 2012

Singapore's contingent appears at 2:44:30 on this YouTube video of the Summer Olympics opening ceremony in London. The President and First Lady put aside the dignity we are so accustomed to seeing and waved madly at Team Singapore :-) Forget about decorum. Live the moment eh?

There isn't time to sit through the whole show. I caught snippets here and there which I thought were the best moments especially Mr. Bean.

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony-Mr.Bean from Hao on Vimeo.

So which had a better show? Beijing or London? I think they are different. One is a rising power the other tries to carve a niche of its position in the world in post-empire days. Overall we are richer for the diversity, and really you don't want to compete with the Chinese head on. Much wiser to define your own game and thrive in the niches you are best at. Likewise I urge my kids to explore and find their own space and occupy them. This is the imperative for developed societies as the Mediocristan keep giving way to Extremistan. As the school system is not up to this task, we have to somehow search and hew our own path.  I pity the families who do not have the educational background and resources to achieve this.

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