Saturday, July 14, 2012

Festival of Praise Canceled

I have long forgotten about this celebratory meeting. I used to get invited to this but that was so many years ago. 

I just deleted two paragraphs. Blogging here is like living in a glass house. You try to ignore people looking in but that is not always possible. On the other hand big Google no longer practice, "Don't be Evil" Google has reached their willing to compromise price.

Keywords for myself: Big foot print, "God losing face", Government vs Church.


  1. It seems that for some Christians,including influential/senior members like Canon Wong,protecting a fantastic Pastor who has been charged is more important than praising God.
    Pastor Kong is still up and around,so why cancel the festival to praise God?

  2. Why the need to have a "festival" to praise God, is it not praising God as one lives each and every single of his/her life on earth?

  3. It is interesting to note that two leaders of their respective churches have came out to ask for prayer support for Reverend Dr Kong Hee and 4 others. The two are Apostle Lawrence Khong and Canon James Wong.

    It is well and good for these two men, Lawrence and James to say that the charges are before the courts and that no one should pre-judged, as per the bible. But it is also important for Lawrence and James to make their stand know on the bibical soundness of CHC Doctrines. Surely, these two men should be able to shall their evaluation of KH's sermons before exhorting the masses to pray for KH and 4 others.

    And what exactly is Lawrence and JAmes asking fellow christians to pray for in this matter?