Saturday, July 14, 2012

China bribed and subverted ASEAN?

I was shocked to read this in the ST. It brought me utter dismay. How could the meeting have ended this way? Either the chair, the Cambodian FM was damn stupid or he must have been bribed by China. Smart move by China. Learned all the lessons of the  history of the region over the past few decades.

Shame on you Cambodia. I can say the most awful things about you which my Foreign Minister can't. Screw you Cambodia. You are a Chinese spy and a traitor to ASEAN. How much did the Chinese pay you Hor Namhong and your boss Hun Sen?

Cambodia has to choose if she was an incompetent chair or a traitor.


Someone asked if I wasn't aware that Cambodia is a client state of China? I am an ignoramus about ASEAN affairs. Here is a useful article, educational for me. China has been strategic and clever. At this is rate it would vanquish ASEAN as a credible organization. Afterward China can divide and dominate and work towards controlling the entire South China Sea.

I quote from the Asahi Shimbum:

Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, ASEAN's poorest states, remain in China's orbit as a result of no-strings loans, desperately needed infrastructure development, military support and floods of investment from Chinese firms.

We should never have admitted these three Indochinese states into ASEAN failing which the other seven members should have rendered more help to them. Now I wonder why is our FM so surprised? Even journalists saw this coming. Where was our Plan B? What would the late S Rajaratnam had done?

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  1. The truth has finally arrived,ASEAN is a joke.
    But it is the not first instance,how about Burma?for how many years did ASEAN sided with those murderers and disown thier leader who won the Nobel prize?
    Cambodia is the mouth piece of PRC is ASEAN and is now the legitimate ASEAN leader speaking for 500 Million people in ASEAN.