Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ma Chi from Sichuan brought death with his Ferrari

The dead Ma Chi was the mad and reckless driver of the Ferrari. He was a Chinese financial investor from Sichuan. What's the point? Just slightly more than a month ago I blogged about a Chinese bus driver negligently killed a pedestrian. Now we have another senseless accident caused by a Chinese.

Too many of them are not imbibing our ways. Instead they have brought their madness from China to this place :-( If I have enough data, we could calculate the probabilities and make a fairer judgement. I think this should be the responsibility of the government, but of course they wouldn't be forthcoming. It could very well add to yet another inconvenient truth.

Update: May 14
Was filling the fuel tank for my car this morning when I saw TNP cover story on this road accident suggesting there was video evidence. Here is what I have found.

This is the footage I was looking for. Makes me really angry how absolutely irresponsible Ma Chi was. The people most upset shouldn't be us but the PRCs here who will be branded for this. Too many black sheep among them.


  1. Wrong...PRC = Chinese = Singapore Chinese. Silly Singaporeans

  2. Mr. Ma Chi made a mistake. He is human like all of us. PRC or not, just a man that made a mistake. Forgive him and move on.