Friday, February 24, 2012

We should go like doctors

This article was reproduced from a blog:

The macro and policy consequence on healthcare costs would be huge if many people choose to go like doctors.

At the micro level, how each family deals with death probably reveals more about them than anything else. I have had to face this up close too soon and too many times. My children no longer have any grand parents. It is a blessing that in Singapore we have far less over treatment than in America.

I had decided against reading a book I found very intriguing: How We Age. I took my copy from our public libraries, read a little and returned it thinking that I would get the kindle version instead. As old age is still too far away and there are so many unread books, I had let it be. Yet another issue had rekindled my interest in that book: it has become a GP or PW (I can't remember) topic for my JC girl. I haven't told her the book could prove to be very insightful. She will learn about it from reading it here. That book could have another use for her: helping her enter another world which her disability makes it very tough. I hesitate as I thought old age is almost always wasted on youth. Therefore I had not mentioned it to her before.

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