Friday, February 3, 2012

Uncle Jimmy left too soon.

One of the most remarkable fellow I know personally. I knew him through his son for more than three decades.

He might be nearly 88 but in this instance he had left too soon.

I watched the throng of visitors who had come. Many were elderly and emotional too.

I had helped his sons keep the vigil for the past two nights by popping up at the moments when I think was the hardest. If I am up to it, will try to do so until the day of cremation.

Note that they had not forgotten Evelyn. I haven't come across an orbit like this.

Uncle James had left too soon because Aunty Mary needs him badly.


  1. Hi Sorry to hear about your uncle. My father was a POW with him in 1943 and was shipped to Haruku. I have a postcard from your uncle sent to my father at the end of the war and some photos of them as young airmen. While my father was Ill it ried to find your uncle but sadly I am to late to put them in touch. My father spoke of him often. Would love to email photo to you. If you read this please email me at atlas(at) regards Robin

  2. Dear Robin, I have informed the family about your request. I hope they contact you soon.

  3. Hi,

    I am the producer of a documentary series in Singapore. Firstly, I will like to express my condolences of your the loss of your uncle. Secondly, we are hoping to use images of your uncle for the purpose of my documentary in some events he was involved in.

    Could we get in touch so we could discuss the matter please? My email is