Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Topping Science

If I am not wrong, half of the prizes are bagged by her classmates and her. Well it is an achievement for these girls but I hope they are not over rating it. During my time my parents couldn't understand, now among parents we understand too much and try too hard for them.

Prizes are nice but like I am starting to tell my elder girl, they are no big deal. Such competition for honors are endless. There is always another bigger and tougher arena and what do they bring you except perishable laurels. Seek wisdom, it is much better. And what's that? I am not saying here, they read this blog regularly. It will pop up here and there. Every learning point has its time and place.

Now to our younger child, congrats! Enjoy it for its brief moment and imagine how you are actually able to FAR SURPASS this if only you bother to discard the small pearls for better ones. However along the way, I hope you find that ONE BIG PEARL. This cannot be arranged by man.

If there is one thing the Christians can learn from the Muslims, it is submission to God.

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