Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tai Chi on MS Kinect

Tai Chi on the Kinect as shown in my Kindle Fire running the YouTube app.

Wifey wants to buy the Kinect but her research has shown that we have a space problem. Too much clutter and the LED TV is placed wrongly for it. We have the Nintendo Wii for more than four years now. Hardly used and I am afraid the Kinect might also turn out to be another white elephant.

Games are fun but where's the time for them? Well at least for me. I wouldn't even blog anything that takes too long to write!

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  1. hi
    i have it and use it daily.problem is that you need a good 6ft+ in front of tv and nothing close to the side of you or it shows on the screen.the tv needs to be in front of where you play.apart from that its great.