Monday, February 27, 2012

Response to my nephew...

My nephew wrote on FB:

i can imagine myself in the future, no house no car no money. wonders if it is a good or bad thing

My response:

Sounds like you will find something better and I don't mean just emotionally or spiritually. If you stay strong and grounded you would probably have luck on your side. You can't and must never plan it. Head in the right direction but think less of the destination. That place is not something you arrive, but along the way recognize.

Now I have to wait many years for the faith to bear fruit. The wait will likely be longer than this present incarnation of blogger isn't it?

Before my daughter went to bed, I asked if she can identify the source of what I had said to her cousin? If you can't completely rewrite them in your own way and words, you have not learned it well enough to live it.

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