Monday, February 13, 2012

Pricing eBooks

This book at is going for $12.99. It's paperback version costs $10.99. To me it is priced to lose. Good luck to you Simon and Schuster. Amazon just can't resist pointing out that the pricing was yours.

This book isn't expensive, but I am not going to fork out $13 when I am only interested in not more than 30% of the book. I will take a copy from the library, read the parts I want and return it. The publisher and distributor make zero from me and others who are similarly interested.

Come on, how many books are so good that you read it thoroughly from cover to cover? The assumption that we value the book as much as they do is a myth. Had they price it better, e.g., never above $9.99 and much less if they understand how most readers might use the book they would have made a lot more money.

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