Saturday, February 18, 2012

JC life

My daughter is absolutely peeved that school days will only end at 6pm for the whole of next week. I have heard older parents complaining to me that they lose their kids to JC for piling them with so much work and activities. My children would hate this as they love to come home. They are always in a hurry to get home from school.

Do we lament that family ties are weakening when we are torn away from each other by duties and responsibilities. This is a society that wants it all but not wise enough to know that there is no such thing. In the end many people get home late and tired. Few people have the knowledge and self confidence to make the trade offs resulting in them trying to have it all. The failure rate could rise as the ALL in having it all gets larger all the time. They had always look to the government; a by product of  how we had gained independence and gotten here on what is the smartest thing to do. Very bad idea.

Like the years before I realized I need to help her navigate school independently. I was hoping she could cope on her own. She is making steady progress but it is inevitable that we often need to measure progress by testing how far we can stretch a rubber band until is breaks. Very challenging for a special needs child who does not learn like others. It is a marvel that despite all the handicaps she had done so well.

I hope she gets her exemption from CL. The free periods would be very helpful.

All our disabilities and weakness are opportunities for display the Lord's grace.

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