Monday, February 6, 2012

Exemption from Mother Tongue

I just completed filling up the application to MOE for exemption MTL for my daughter. In return I suggested that she does not get extra time for exams any more. This will be helpful for her to adapt and function like a normal student.

Some people, even her sister envied her extra time but these ignorant kids don't understand the struggle. On the other hand disabilities are opportunities to forge strong character.

I am encouraged that unlike previously, this school is so responsive and quick. This is a very good start. I am encouraged.


  1. I have just received a call from my P3 daughter that the exemption is unsuccessful in which while talking she is in a loud cry and I really pity her coz she has been doing good for her other subjects yet the MTL puts her grades down.She tried her best to reseach on with her homework but it is too tiresome for her coz even us (parents) could not help her to do such.Please advise!

  2. I am sorry to hear that. What the reasons for the rejection? My daughter received exemption for dyslexia.