Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Educators damaged reputation

Our educators reputation is being chipped away faster than it can be repaired given the frequency their errant members have been uncovered.

How many rats are still in hiding? How many are confident that they would not be caught? And how many are unfortunate cases that need more help than punishment.

Sexual predators go to where they can find easy and abundant targets. Where else but schools?

I think we need a more holistic appraisal and solution to this problem. Clearly ad hoc response isn't working.

I have this uncomfortable hunch that we have become an over sexed society. Now at the tipping point, the situation has become patently clear. We have debased the sexual and lost its beauty. As typical of us we had foolishly traded our precious intangibles for the silly superficial and transient.

Man is addicted to destroying everything that God has made beautiful.

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