Friday, February 17, 2012

Educated about Tan Jee Say

We are lucky again, thank God.

Today we receive a good education in electoral politics: the character of ambitious men. You thought he was tested and proven many years by the PAP as a senior admin officer. No problem in the character and motivation department. Not true. He is more in love with his economic plans, feeding his ego than seeking the welfare of Singapore.

I am glad that Singaporeans are fast learners. The social media are now filled with diatribes against Tan Jee Say. As for Frankie Low, he is not worth mentioning. Voters are familiar with his kind.

When I get the time, I must look back and my earlier postings about Mr. Tan and see what lessons I must draw for myself.

Assessing people's character and motivation is the hardest job in the world. The track record everywhere especially in times of prosperity and success, including the history of civilization is bad.

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