Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Avoiding willful blindness in government

If you still aren't sure why we need credible opposition in parliament, this book will remove all your doubts. It is based on solid evidence. In fact it over succeeds at stating its case. We are simply wired to be willfully blind. The PAP claim that it can check itself is pure nonsense. It is almost saying they are not human.

I just read Chen Show Mao's speech in parliament today. He had successfully reinserted some of the intangibles of our values into his speech. He took to task the government for viewing  the care of our no longer economically as attractive citizens as a challenge.

Just as economists suffered from Physics envy, this government is blighted with private sector envy. Singapore is more than an Inc., it is still struggling to be a nation and they reduce it to a corporate wearing that badge proudly. Good grief, businesses have some of the shortest lives as organizations in the history of civilization. What a terrible paradigm. It is so shallow, it doesn't even qualify.

Sure investors love us because we flatter them by being like them. Did it ever occur to them to realize this? How can a country be reduced to a corporation? Anything that is not corporately is a challenge and distraction. They have been willfully blind. 

We need a good opposition to tell them that the emperor is not wearing clothes because they look themselves in the mirror and cannot see. It is a human limitation to only see what you want to see. Every credible psychologist can explain this.

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  1. Kinda reminded me of what a recent MP has argued - that a Hougang by-election is an act of benevolence by the government.

    I bet his hero is Kim Jong Sun.