Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk

Took a walk this morning at the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk.

The weather was wonderful because the sun was behind the clouds and there was a gentle breeze.

On the other hand the place wasn't giving out the vibes I like. Reminded me too much of Dubai especially when we had to walk around the marina. Much of the view had Bukom refinery, which I dislike visiting when I was with Shell. It just spoils the view.

When you don't see the refinery, we have the RWS to fill the view. Again, I didn't like that. On the third face, is the vulgar looking Reflections condo complex by Keppel. I think the joy is in looking at the small things, especially the botanical delights and the cleaner parts of the shoreline.

The architects were clever to place the info display facing Sentosa, avoiding RWS, Bukom and the Reflections.

Too many bicycles and no bike lanes. In fact I think cycling is forbidden. A menace.

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