Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How we managed O Levels risk

Many share the view of Richard Goh (see below). I agree with him and we have plenty of company. Nevertheless my concern are for the many who are still not aware of this fact of life. Others have chime in to say the same.

My daughter thinks we are just scoring for the school. She isn't far off the mark. I think it was mutualism. Going to a good school had helped her to strike a more optimal balance between work and play. By running along with the better ones, you kinda of have an idea the results you would get. Had she been to a regular school, she would have to work harder since she wouldn't have enough peers to benchmark against. That strategy had paid off. We are not going to achieve excellence at all cost. Life is much more than studies and exams.

I am glad more parents are far more informed now. This is good as an antidote to kiasuism but this is a very long journey given how rapidly the tuition industry is growing.

Delighted cheers, recognitory applause, congratulatory hugs, disconsolate phonecalls.The Straits Times photojournalists Ng Sor Luan, Ted Chen & Lau Fook Kong take a look at the moments of tears and happiness that say it all at the release of the 2011 GCE O-level Examination results earlier this afternoon. Results release is like a rite of passage for all of us. What do you remember from your moment? via Through the Lens
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    • Sabrina Fernando-Briche OMG, O-levels!! it's a nothing exam in Europe!
      7 hours ago · 
    • Richard Goh Chang Rui We were all once fooled into believing our lives would improve after this.
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    • Phan Anh Tuấn why so negative?
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    • Ian Zani Thank you O Levels.You made me realise there's so much better world out there.
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    • Md Firdhaus Well congratulations, there's still a long journey to go guys and gals, barely half the battle won..... still congratulations are in order.
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    • Theresa Pong I'm so happy for her.. She must hv worked hard for it.. No pain no gain. . Well done!!
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    • Tay Eng Huat The young ladies have improved in their grades, now dominating both PSLE and GCE 'O' level. Our young men must work hard from now. Well done ladies.
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    • Ryan Joseph Rite of passage? Lol
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