Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fatigue over the Pay Debate

Exactly my sentiments. Overall I feel the debate over ministerial pay has been technical and tiresome. So much heat and little light.

To the man in the street, it is very simple. Pay for performance but with some extreme consequences. If you do well, no pay is too much. If you do badly, even $1 is too much, i.e., you deserve the boot and some might even add punishment. It seems to me ancient military law is wished here because it often has huge consequences on the people.

Indranee Rajah comment on the spirit of paying ministers was most apt. Taken over the long term, I still bought WP's position. As for the PAP, they are bullies as usual. They might be able to keep their supporters but they are not winning the ones they have lost. To do that, you need the opposition to shoot themselves in their foot. There is no other way other than giving them rope to hang themselves.

I see the ST being arm twisted to write their columns in favor of the PAP this morning. Look, you can bluff some people all the time, but not everyone all the time. I can see through their spin easily.

Voters want to see gentlemen and ladies in politics. To be realistic this is impossible, but we want to see politicians keep trying to raise the standards of behavior first followed by debate.

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