Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY visits

Not too sweet, just nice. The gingkos were also perfect. I get this once a year when we visit wifey's eldest brother.

I google this before deciding to blog about it. I was told you can't get it here. It can be purchased in Taiwan. There is a famous street where they sell all the pets stuff. Their eldest son had gotten it for them.

After a break of two years, we finally were able to visit my grand uncle, grand aunt and aunt. Sadly the two elderly relations could no longer recognize us. Dementia had taken a heavy toll on them. Just as well they were spared the pain of the knowledge of my dad's passing.

In normal times, especially when I visited them as a kid years back, I would be happy to get these humongous ang pows from them. They were never so big. Could it be a sign that they are fading fast? The amounts were downright embarrassing.

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