Thursday, January 26, 2012

A "Bad Apple" in WP basket?

Just got an email from my friend telling me that the newspapers will have a field day on WP Yaw Shin Leong tomorrow. However I discovered that TNP has already grabbed and run away with a story of his rumored affair with a married woman. Since I don't subscribe or buy TNP, I am not privy to the lurid details. Actually I find the occasional free articles from TNP in AsiaOne are often aggravating.

My friend in his email pointed me to TRE which had published it as far back as Jan 20. Now if these allegations turned out to be true, then MP for Hougang should step down. He hasn't done anything illegal to be forced out but this is a grave moral trespass. There will be by elections and the WP will likely lose this seat to the PAP.

If he refused to go, I hope Hougang residents would not accord him the respect of an MP, i.e., he becomes a lame duck. Alternatively I feel the WP should sack him.

Sorry Mr. Low, you have to do better then keeping mum all this while or I believe Singaporeans will not support your party. In fact, the longer you keep mum the worse your party look. The party need to respond now. Remember Steve Tan who had dropped out of standing in Tampines GRC. That is the high standard to uphold.


  1. one of the best face in the world

  2. Talking about moral, how many truly live up to their name in PAP camp? Besides, anyone who leaked the news dare to step out to prove Yaw's is immoral? Otherwise why should he be taking the heat over "rumors". As Tony Tan's famous quote during PE: "You better back up with evidence or there will be consequences".

  3. What's a the big deal about banging another woman, one MP did and even ended up as a fast trached Minister but it has all been hush hush.

  4. it just so happens that our MSM only picks up on non-white scandals. Doesn't mean that they are scandal-free.


  5. Thank you for this article. I write as a resident in Aljunied GRC.

    I voted for WP in 2011, the first time I ever did. I was hoping for some change - some accountability and transparency would be in order after PAP's long reign of hegemony.

    However I am very disappointed with WP now. I am comparing Yaw's moral indiscretion with the other two government top dogs currently under investigation by CIPB.

    Although the government had been tardy in making the announcement about the arrests, PM Lee himself has stepped forward to assure the citizens that the government will follow through fairly.

    Contrast that with WP's stance. If silence is golden here, then it must be fool's gold. It sickens me that WP is behaving more like PAP in the past.

    Btw, don't get me started on why this should not be a private business that would not affect Yaw's discharge of duties as an MP. Just ask yourself, would you like to have a President who is an adulterer? MPs are after all, leaders of this country.

  6. If WP cannot speak up for its own WP MP, how can it speak up for SGeans?

  7. if the alleged party is a PAP MP, I am sure the person will have to step down. Agreed with the author that if this allegation is true, the alleged should step down from the party.