Monday, March 14, 2011

Two NaviMaps today

Created and posted two NaviMaps today.

1. The printing money strategy
2. Risks of bubbles in soft commodities

As usual, I didn't write it to be friendly for readers who aren't familiar with reading NaviMaps. Today was map drawing experiment day for me. Watching how I think as I made those diagrams. A lot of filtering to avoid clutter and more importantly conflict. There should be some value added to be able to connect two different maps of the same issue. Often it is just a matter of emphasis, inclusion and/or exclusion. I am tempted to draw another map today: USD reserve currency status. Eichengreen and Pettis have such dissimilar views. How might they appear in NaviMap form? Strictly speaking I can already compute that in my mind without a NaviMap. Eichengreen was ignorant of Chinese constraints because he was an outsider. Pettis lives and teaches in a top Chinese University.

You can draw NaviMaps of so many issues, but what is a useful map?

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