Saturday, March 12, 2011

豆沙饼 (red bean paste biscuit) up price

No more 60 cents. It is now 70 cents. Yet another rude shock for me this morning when I went to pick up breakfast after I went downstairs before 7am to move the car from the open deck to the covered lots below.

I forgot, pancakes from the Granny Stall has also gone up by 10cents. I bought it for Lynda. Fresh coconut minimum purchase has gone from 80 cents to a dollar. I never buy such things. It was for Lynda too.

I had been ambushed by the new prices for longan drink and carrot cake. What's next? Nasi Lemak, Chicken rice, Duck rice, Char Siew rice, Roti Prata and the Western Food stall have kept to old prices for now.

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