Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lao Beijing

Lao Beijing, I  had a good lunch there with two old pals sometime back. We were part of an asset allocation team. I recommended it to wifey and she brought her staff there twice, spent enough to receive some vouchers. We took the girls there last night - first time for them.

And now the typical meal story.

This dish was exclusively for my elder girl, the one with the most sensitive palate I know. This sort of thing comes with special needs territory.

Peking Duck is for my younger girl. We are welcomed to share with her but as usual I refrained as much as possible. Just in case it wasn't enough for her since she wasn't going to help herself with the other dishes.

This was wifey's choice. She loves egg plant and I had tried it with my old pals, found it to be quite good and recommended it. This was for both of us.

The waitress was surprised we ordered so little. But that is the size of the food tank inside us. Honestly, for a moment I thought we needed to add another dish.

The girls couldn't finish the toufu and duck, and I had to help. Not great as the food was already cold, especially the duck. I was glad we had only three dishes.

Finally for those of you who had googled your way here, I can only tell you that the service was good. I am hopeless at judging culinary products. This was completely confirmed in one embarrassing incident.

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