Thursday, March 3, 2011

Changing jobs

Wifey accepted the job a few hours ago. It happened so quickly. The headhunter called, many interviews were quickly arranged. One in the morning, another in the late afternoon, the final one within two days and an offer was made.

My work experience and hers show one thing: Those books about looking for jobs, writing a CV are mostly unhelpful. At best they help you to avoid some stupid mistake that might caused your application to be tossed out prematurely.

Jobs in the end are given by God. Long ago before there were jobs, most people were farmers. You worked the earth hard but the sun and rain, their timings and duration is the Lord's. No matter how successful we have used Science and Technology to master our environment, our power and control is illusory. There are always Black Swans, the eggs and the time they hatch are determined by the Almighty.

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