Friday, March 18, 2011

Bought the D-Link HSDPA dongle

My Singnet broadband recontract comes with a data SIM card for 30GB/month of traffic. Tonight I bought the USB adapter. Now I can connect to the Internet with my Notebook PC anywhere on the island.

We did a test run with wifey's netbook. Not very impressive. My plan is billed at 1.5Mbps but we will getting low kps!

This dongle is much bigger than a large USB memory drive.

The docs from D-Link was lousy. Didn't advise where to insert the SIM card. This wifey discovered was at the USB connector, well hidden. The little slot at the side is for a micro SD card.


  1. Pls Give Me Driver ..... D Link DWM-152 ....

    1. you take this link..
      choose your device and download it... (^_^)