Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tuition Teachers

David Gan isn't a divine hairstylist is he? I think there are many other who are as good as him. I think he is extraordinarily successful because he combines his craft with being a therapist and even a soul mate to his clients. When she feels good after the hair cut, she looks better than any other can work on the celebrities hairdo right? Ditto tuition teachers. Many are competent but only the rare few can inspire their students to outstanding performance. Most will have to live with the untapped potential of their pupils. Therefore the informed and aware parent is more suitable and successful at helping the child succeed. Since a fortunate few are self-starters and achievers they have prevented us from seeing the truth of motivating kids.

The development efforts are focused on turning the talent for motivating and teaching kids into a science. I am noticing new and innovative tuition centers now value adding their services with new fangled systems. Not sure if these systems can truly add value.

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