Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tracking my vPost package

I am getting a thrill from tracking my package on vPost. Let's see if the package arrives within 6 days. I am optimistic.


  1. So slow :-( Still hasn't gone into "in transit" status.

  2. They received the package on the morning of the 31st and now it hasn't enter into "in transit" status. All the legendary efficiency of Amazon is stymied by inefficient SingPost.

  3. v post shipping is not reliable at all. They do not show any sense of responsibility.There is not a single individual who knows about the set criteria. all they say is go to the website for your queries. and not only that, after reconfirming again and again, they pick up your package, not to mention the time , effort and money to make up that package, and after a couple of days you get a call back that your package is oversized and overweight,and if you want it to be delivered you have to pay seven times more of the amount already paid.
    Worries are not ended here. After 50,60 days when ultimately things reach to the destination, The people do not deliver the things until they are paid again of whatever amount they set for themselves. they say that you have to pay this much amount, then we will deliver the package to you.And can anybody believe that after paying again one receives the things in the worst ever possible condition. Things are broken up, rusted,weary.These are not in usable condition,rather a garbage and even then they ask you to pay for it again.