Sunday, August 29, 2010

The PM's Rally Speech

First impression, it is a lot of spin. He gave beautiful examples but I doubt they are representative of what goes on out there. E.g., he shared about how mature local workers team up with young foreign workers in a hotel. That is excellent and worthy of emulation by other companies. I am just skeptical that it is happening in the majority of work places.

He spoke about well equipped schools. If so, my daughters in different schools must be lying to me about the facilities and equipment they are getting at school.

Previously SMRT insisted that they could not do any more to increase the capacity of the train system. That is correct within the constraints they have to work with. The government is stepping in outside the train management limited mandate. The problem will be solved, I think because the electoral costs would be too high otherwise.

He described the Singapore Spirit but it is just the effective attitude and problem solving approach we bring to overcome problems and make life materially better. Each of us must decide on why we are Singaporeans because as the late S. Rajaratnam rightly put it, for us it is not ancestry but a matter of choice and conviction. We are left on our own to decide. It is hoped that for those of us already here our different convictions would lead to the same choice and also expressed as the Singapore Spirit. I believe superficially and for a limited time this is achievable.

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